Here Are The Top SEO Trends To Look For In 2020

As technology keeps advancing, staying ahead your competition in any aspect is becoming increasingly difficult. The only way to survive and strive is to keep in touch with all the latest trends and news. In this digital age, online marketing has taken the throne as the best way to get ahead of your competition.

Consumers have become obsessed with faster browsing experience and instant gratification so much so that any aspect of digital marketing needs to be reevaluated. This is also making more room for e-commerce to thrive. If you want to spread the news about your brand faster, turn to the digital world.

However, if you’re getting into digital only now, you need to be familiar with all the latest trends and crazes. Digital marketing strategies that have worked for the past decade may not be as successful in 2020 and moving forward. While predicting what new trends are to going to get you ranked faster, there are some tendencies you can follow to determine what will work and what will not.

In this article, we’ll present a couple of trends we believe will be instrumental in moving your company forward in the years to come and in 2020.

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Engaging Content

No matter how much time you spend doing your keyword research, no keywords will help you rank better if your visitors don’t want to spend time reading your content. Google and other search engines are putting all the spotlight on user experience, and working spammy, unoriginal articles won’t do the trick anymore.

When talking content, you need to think past the blogs and explore new avenues such as videos, infographics, memes and images, not just plain text. If you do want to go the traditional route, mix up the type of the content you provide and include instructional articles, reviews or just stories people will want to read.

Better User Experience

Sites that have a simple and readable design were always favored by Google and users alike. Investing in website design is the best way to provide your users with better experience. The other thing you need to consider is your loading speeds. Users have no tolerance for websites that load slow and neither does Google. Therefore, if your website is too slow, you won’t get to the top of the searches.

The bottom line is that keeping your users happy will keep your website high up in any search. Your website performance and factors such as speed, bounce rate and backlinks all matter when it comes to how good your website ranks.

Voice Search Is Becoming More Popular

Since we mentioned keyword research, experts have noticed the growing trend of long-tail keywords in the form of questions and phrases. This is likely due to the growing popularity of voice search that people have been exponentially using thanks to smart assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

Google has changed the entire concept of their search to match this and give featured results that provide answers to the users’ questions right there and then. According to some studies, approximately 30-50% of all searches will be voice-based. As a result, the search phrases will become longer and more conversation-like. Even more interesting, Google will try to give the answers by directly responding to the question and not display any results at all. Again, when it comes to voice searches, speed will be the most important resource and the aspect you should improve on your website.

Integrated Social Media

Social media has helped a lot of businesses advertise their products and build strong communities around their brand. In the future, the importance of social media related to the website will become increased. How popular brands are on social media is going to directly affect search results moving forward. And besides, more followers on social media means more leads, which is another key factor when it comes to ranking.

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