Here’s How You Can Optimize Your Web Shop For More Conversions

The goal of any e-commerce website is to get more leads and sales. Without a constant stream of money, your web store will quickly become unsustainable. Given today’s economy and strong online competition, that can happen to anyone. Anyone who doesn’t optimize, that is.

If you own an online store, you are probably wondering what is it that you can do to optimize your web shop and make sure you are getting only quality leads that turn to conversions. In this article, we are going to give you a few simple pointers that you can use to improve your online store.

User Experience Is Everything

According to market studies, nearly 68% of all shoppers abandon their carts mid-purchase. Even worse, only 3% of all the visitors actually convert when it comes to online stores. Maybe you’ve noticed this on your website as well? Have you done anything about it?

A lot of business owners never view their website as a customer would. Having a lot of traffic is one thing, but having a lot of traffic with a high conversion ratio is what every online store should aspire to. If you don’t work on the user experience, all your efforts to get more traffic are going to be in vain. In fact, they will only lose you money.

How do you make your website more user friendly, you ask? Simple. Think about what you are looking for when you visit an online store. Perhaps you should visit another online store and spend some time shopping there. Try looking for a couple of products, compare shopping, adding them to cart and going through the checkout. If the process is smooth and easy, it means that the site offers a great user experience. Does yours?

Work On Your Presentation

The fact is that there are countless other online stores like your own out there. If you don’t work on perfecting every little detail on your website, you will not stand out from the crowd and you will have a hard time selling your products, no matter how good or how affordable they are. If your store doesn’t look and feel complete, your customers will leave in a hurry.

Every product page on your website needs to have just the right amount of data. Not too little, and not too much. While you shouldn’t have a cluttered page, you should make sure you provide enough information such as pictures, product details and customer reviews. Make sure your pages are designed in a way that they are easy to navigate and that they give your shoppers every piece of information they need in order to make an informed purchase.

Trust Is Everything

Trust is something online store owners often overlook. Coincidentally, this is exactly the type of information visitors are going to be looking for first. When it comes to online shopping, building your clients trust is everything since they have no way of seeing the product before making the actual purchase. The only way to make them comfortable enough to shop at your store is to build the level of trust they feel comfortable with.

Start with your contact information. Make sure your clients know they can contact you in case they have any issues and concerns. Make sure your phone number, email and contact us button are visibly displayed. If you can, consider adding a live chat feature or a chat bot as well.

Finally, make sure you add a dedicated review feature for each product on your website. If your customers see others were satisfied with the purchase, they will be more comfortable making the purchase themselves. In fact, you can expect a 4.6% increase in sales for every 50 reviews on your product page. It doesn’t even matter if there’s a few bad reviews in there too, because having only good reviews is less believable even if it’s true.

Finally, make sure to provide your return policy and answer any questions your clients may have before they have to ask them.

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