7 Tips To Use Social Media To Improve Your Online Shop’s Traffic

The ultimate challenge many online marketers face is learning how to stand out in their industry and break through thousands of new online commerce websites fighting to get the attention of the same audience.

Fortunately, there’s one big asset you can use to that end and it happens to be free (for the most part). While most people use social media to interact with their friends, when used by an online business you have a powerful advertising tool that you don’t have to invest anything but time in.

If you want to learn how to use social media to increase your online shop’s traffic and sales, read on to find a couple of useful tips.

When To Post On Social Media?

While you can advertise your online shop for free using social media, most of them do have paid search they prefer businesses to use. However, there are ways to beat the algorithm and still maintain your brand’s visibility. The trick is to always stay relevant on your clients’ feeds, and the way to do that is to post frequently and at peak-traffic times.

A lot of online shop owners are not familiar with the concept of content or social media marketing, which is why we’ll give you a brief guide to keeping your social media audiences engaged.

Provide Valuable Content Every Day

Quality content ensures your brand or online shop always appears on your potential leads’ feeds and goes a step further with content they can enjoy, share or learn something from.

The type of content you share can range from special offers and coupons, news from your brand, quotes, product photos or any other content that sparks interest. To do that, your content has to be inspiring and eye-catching.

The easiest way to learn what your followers want is to directly ask them. Fortunately, most social networks offer analytics tools that can help you narrow your target group’s interests and preferences.

Analyze And Exploit Your Competitors’ Strategies

Don’t be afraid to follow your competitors and analyze the type of content they share, and what gets the most likes and shares. There is no reason why you cannot use the same information to improve your own social media campaigns. Make sure to analyze how often they post, at what time, how frequently they offer special discounts and what topics spark user engagement the most.

Find The Best Times To Post On Social Media

Posting quality content won’t mean much if it’s not seen. The only way your content can reach your target audience is to find the ideal time to post. This is usually the time when your followers are most active on various social media accounts.

The only way to find the ideal time to post on each social network is through testing. To start, you can use these optimal times to post on social media based on various research and adjust your posting times based on the results.

Here are some general guidelines to begin testing and adjusting as you see fit.

Best Times To Post On Facebook

  • 12 AM: People are active during lunchtime
  • 11 AM to 4 PM: Ideal time frame to post news
  • Saturday: Most likely to get comments
  • After 7 PM: Highest engagement during workdays.

Best Times To Post On Twitter

  • 5 PM: Most likely to get retweets
  • 12 PM to 6 PM: Higher CTR makes this ideal for links
  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: Highest engagement and CTR

According to various research data, we recommend posting at least two to three times per day between 3 PM and 10 PM. This frequency will ensure most of your followers see your posts and interact with your brand. Posting more than once per day increases your chances of getting higher post engagement.

Posting Pictures On Facebook

The generations that use the Internet mostly rely on visuals. That is why social networks such as Instagram are vastly popular. People love posting pictures because, scientifically, 90% of all information sent to our brains is visual. Furthermore, visual information is processed 60.000 times faster than textual information.

Look no further than modern apps to understand how visuals are being used to make navigation easier and hook users into being active. This has also reflected on web design, as a large percentage of all landing pages is dedicated to pictures.

As far as social media is concerned, here are a couple of facts that should illustrate the point:

  • Posts with pictures get 50% more likes,
  • Posts with pictures get 104% more comments,
  • Posts with a picture and link get 84% more clicks.

This is why pairing a relevant picture with a link will help drive traffic to your website or blog article. They are also more likely to get engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares.

However, don’t use this too often. It’s best to mix pictures with other type of content such as text and links.

Add Social Media Sharing Icons

It is absolutely mandatory to include social media buttons on your website. People may not be inclined to look through your every post and like each and every one of them. However, if there is a social media like or share button on your web pages, they are more likely to do so, especially if you use a call to action inviting them to.

This way your visitors are more likely to share or like your content with friends. This, in turn, increases the chances of your website being seen by others.

Add A Call To Action To Your Posts

Click Here.

Shop Now.

View Offer.

There is a reason why a call to action or CTA is used by all successful online shops. Research done on various brands shows that posts that invite visitors to participate in a giveaway, claim a special offer, leave a comment or shop on your website are more likely to get the desired results.

People forget the basic principle: if you want your visitors to do something, you have to ask them first. If you want them to share their thoughts, opinions or concerns make sure you ask them something along the lines of “comment if you are interested in more details about this product.

And if you want your visitors to purchase a product or service, make sure you include a visible call to action in the form of a button in your posts.

Use Word Of Mouth

A lot of people use social media to find out what other people had to say about a company. This word of mouth can be a very powerful marketing tool. To use your clients’ feedback, make sure you leave a review form on your website where they can describe the experience of making a purchase on your website.

This will help drive more traffic to your website and improve your visibility. According to Nielsen Global Trust:

92% of leads will trust a recommendation from their friends or family more than any form of ad.

70% trust reviews and comments on social networks.

If you want to encourage your clients to leave more reviews, you can offer a small discount to anyone who leaves a review upon their next purchase. This will not only help you get reviews but also likely lead to a new purchase.

Drive Traffic Through Pinterest

With over 291 million active users, Pinterest is a hugely underrated social network in terms of online store advertising. What makes this platform ideal is the fact that it relies on visuals, which is a powerful advertising tool as we’ve previously established. Moreover, people often use this network to find the perfect gift or a product they want to purchase. By having your products featured there, you can drive a lot of high-quality, high-conversion traffic to your website. Here are a few more reasons to use Pinterest to promote your online store.

Your Content Will Be Relevant Months Later

You can reuse content over and over again on Pinterest. While other social networks focus on fresh content, Pinterest lets you repine your old content, making it relevant again. The best thing is that it will get the same level of engagement as it did when you originally published it.

You Can Group Your Products

By using pinborads you can sort your products into categories your visitors will navigate easily. This way you can paint a picture of your brand you want your clients to see.

Create A Live Q&A Session

Social media networks like Facebook or Instagram offer a very useful feature called Live Videos. As far as gaining your followers’ trust goes, there’s nothing that works better than getting some face to face time with them and addressing all their needs and concerns. Live videos are an ideal platform for that.

Make sure you pick a good date for the Q&A and encourage your followers to share their questions before the session. This will help garner customer care and promote loyalty. Not to mention this could get you a lot of leads.

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