Here’s How You Can Get Better Backlinks For Your Website

Contrary to what you might have read in various SEO publications lately, backlinks are still a fundamental optimization strategy. If your goal is to reach as many people as possible (which if you’re running a business site is likely the case) you need to pour some link juice into your website.

Google’s algorithm still heavily relies on links and getting backlinks is still the best way for search engines to recognize your website as reliable, authoritative and valuable. The more quality backlinks you get, the better your website will rank. However, getting spammy and questionable links back can actually do the opposite and harm your website.

Links from legitimate and popular websites should be the building blocks of your backlink strategy, not links you bought in articles on low-traffic websites.

However, getting other websites, especially popular ones, to link back to you can be a tiring effort. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to get better backlinks that can help your website rank better.

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Create High Quality Content

Do you think anybody will publish poorly-written, uninformative and boring content. Of course no one will want to associate that with their website in any way. If you want your content to be picked up and linked to from other websites, you need to invest in creating engaging, fun, informative and shareable content.

When it comes to articles you want , focus all your efforts on the meat of the cotnent and not SEO strategies and tricks. People need to find your content worth linking to, and to do that you have to provide something of value to their readers. This is why your articles need to be somewhat relevant to the website you are asking for a backlink.

Work On Local SEO

A lot of people mistake local SEO for simply working on their GMB profiles and citations. However, local SEO can be very beneficial when it comes to backlink acquisition. However, if you want to see some quality links from local SEO you will need to improve your game.

Try striking a deal with local charities and they will no doubt link to your website from theirs. You can also partner with other companies or businesses and exchange links on your respective websites. Find local industry associations to join as this can improve your brand recognition and get you a lot of links from other websites. Finally, work on buidling a relationship with local media outlets and regularly submit press releases linking back to your website.

Create Shareable Infographics

These days, people are more inclined to consuming visual content such as videos or images, rather than text. This is why infographics are a powerful tool you can use to get more backlinks. Not only will you be offering a website a fun and engaging piece of visual content, they will be more than happy to link back to the original article on your website. Infographics are also more likely to be shared, so this makes them even more useful to both sides.

Promote Other Experts and Businesses

There’s nothing like appealing to someone’s ego that can get you link back to your website faster. Consider creating content that features other businesses or experts and reaching out to them, telling them you’ve featured them in one of your articles. If they like the article, they are sure to link back to it from a blog or news post. These posts are a win-win for both, since one side gets the promotion while the other gets a quality link.

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Build On Broken Links

Looking through countless websites for broken links can be exhausting, which is why not many websites go down this road. But broken links can be an easy backlink resource if you plan the strategy right. All it takes to do this is to go through a popular website or a blog using a broken link detection tool and find links that are no longer working. Once you do, try to find the page an article linked to and create a similar one on your website. Then simply outreach to the webmaster and tell them you’ve found a broken link and that you have a replacement they can use. In most cases, they will gladly link to your article simply because it’s there and out of gratitude.

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