How To Optimize Your Marketing Strategy For The Best Results In 2019

Digital marketing has numerous benefits, from its affordability and accessibility to its widespread use. But the biggest advantage digital marketing has over traditional forms of marketing is its ability to bring you relevant, highly-converting leads. Therefore, if you have set up an SEO campaign or are using PPC advertising, you need to create an optimized system to distribute your efforts for maximum efficiency.

How you ask?

It’s simple. Make sure you prioritize those factors that are in most related to your company goals. More than 70% of companies participating in a digital marketing study revealed they are planning to increase their mobile social advertising budget in 2019. And why wouldn’t they? According to another study, every $1 invested in Google ads brings marketers $2 in revenue.

Your goal does not have to be sales. Maybe you want to establish your company as a relevant player so customers would trust your brand whenever they come across your name. This might even be more difficult because it needs to be organic, not forced.

For this, you need to better understand your average customer. Once you do, you can use all your assets to boost your online presence and gain more quality leads. As you develop your strategy to meet your clients’ needs and expectations you will begin to offer more value. With that, you will notice that your articles are shared more often throughout social media.

Why Is Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Important?

You cannot separate your digital marketing efforts from the selling cycle your company goes through. Your digital marketing should help you sell your product, not be an extra expense.

That is why you need to map out the journey an average client takes in order to get to the products or services you offer. In most cases, the journey follows this pattern:

  • Customer asks a question,
  • A customer looks for an answer online,
  • Customer reviews and compares the products and services offered,
  • The customer narrows the selection down to one or two companies,
  • The customer makes a purchase,
  • The customer shares their experience online or with friends.

Another important thing to determine is exactly what the client needs and when they need it. That is why you should analyze every step of their journey and develop content that can easily be reused at the start of a new cycle. An experienced digital marketing agency will help you create a plan based on this information and help you meet your goals.

Compare Various Digital Marketing Strategy Performances

Diversifying your efforts is the best way to increase sales in the vast digital marketing playing field. You have the ability to use and analyze vast amounts of information related to your clients and how they interact with your business.

This is why you need to make sure all the digital marketing aspects you are exploring are completely aligned, regardless of the type of product or service you offer. Your journey needs to start with creating a new product and progress to advertising that product through an advertising campaign (paid or organic).

Looking back at previous campaigns will let you gain insight into how you can optimize your future campaign. Mistakes you make in digital marketing are not as costly as the ones you can make in a traditional marketing campaign, but you can sure learn a lot from them.

If you understand how to read and analyze your results, you will be able to make better use of both your time and money. You should prioritize those campaigns that have given the best results in the past and try out different tactics in order to get to a bigger audience next time.

To do this, you need to know what data you need to track and how to track it correctly. You have to do this across multiple channels to get the bigger picture.

Create A Quarterly Calendar for Your Content

On average, a person looks through 11.4 articles before deciding whether or not to make a purchase, according to Social Zoom Factor. The best way to make sure you are prioritizing your efforts is to create a content calendar divided by different quarters. This will help the entire team use these strategies across various platforms for the best results.

This calendar will help keep your content relevant and appealing to audiences throughout the year. So if you are an HVAC repair company, one quarter will be focused on air conditioning repair (summer), while another will be focused on heating repair (winter). Here’s how to do this:

  • Plan the content around specific seasons, dates or events (holidays like Easter or Black Friday)
  • Find where your current strategy is lacking in the particular quarter
  • Match the needs of your clients to the content
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to develop and publish the content.

The further in the timeline you plan out your strategy, the better you will be able to use various digital marketing platforms for the best results. This strategy will also help you keep a consistent flow of content throughout the year with no gaps.

Start this by analyzing the quarter ahead and make sure you identify events or dates that have some meaning to your customers. Plan your content around them:

  • Create relevant topics
  • Allocate your resources
  • Schedule and advertise your content
  • Track the results across all channels

Focus On Seasonal SEO

Another way to keep your content relevant is to base your SEO around a particular season. Different months and different holidays require a different approach, and your strategy should reflect that.

Optimizing your campaigns based on seasonal events like holidays, weather or holidays will help your content stay relevant all year long.

Make sure all your posts are natural and not forced because you will not be the only one trying to sell something to people a few weeks before Christmas. Make sure to appeal to your audiences’ emotions instead, as this is bound to have a more positive effect.

Improve Local SEO

If you hope to sell globally, first you need to establish yourself locally. Local SEO is the best way to drive quality traffic to your website. In fact, 88% of visitors who search for a local business through their mobile phone contact or visit the company within the next 24 hours.

There are several different platforms you can use to help boost your local SEO:

  • Yelp,
  • Google My Business,
  • Yellowbook,
  • Bing Places,
  • Localized website content and landing pages…

A lot of customers find local businesses if possible, and establishing yourself as the leader in the areas you serve will help increase your sales widely. According to Hubspot, 97% of people use online search to find a local business they need. Make sure that business is you and not your competitor by using local SEO.

Prioritize The Best Strategies

To sum up, if you want to optimize your digital marketing efforts you need to look at all your digital marketing resources, base your content on seasonal events and improve your local SEO first. This approach will ensure you are prioritizing strategies that work and matter, which will drive more leads to your website.

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