Why You Should Invest In Content Marketing In 2019 If You Haven’t Already!

When it comes to digital marketing services, people are fairly skeptical when it comes to pursuing such an investment. And with tons of misinforming articles, who can blame them. This is especially true for content marketing, despite the fact that it has proven itself as the most reliable online marketing strategy over and over again.

This comes from the fact that people often apply traditional marketing tropes to online marketing, even though the two are incomparable. Pop-up ads can be compared to what TV commercials used to be in terms of significance and the method behind them. But people don’t tolerate pop-ups nearly as much as they tolerate TV ads. It’s because they find them intrusive, confusing and overall damaging to the user experience.

That is why content marketing still has the main word in the world of digital marketing. Investing in content marketing is a long game, but one that can pay off the most.

Why You Need To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing efforts are only going to be valuable if you back them with an effective strategy. As the Content Marketing Institute reported in 2018, over 40% of all B2C companies had their content marketing backed by a defined strategy.

There are several benefits to defining your content marketing strategy, including:

    • Having all your teams well-coordinated
    • Emphasizing priorities
    • Deciding on the type of content to develop and create
  • Allocating resources for the best results

Here Are 5 Main Reasons To Start Your Content Marketing Campaign

Setting up everything you need for an efficient content marketing strategy and maintaining it takes a lot of time, effort and experience. If you’re still not sure if this investment is worth the risks, here are some of the main benefits of content marketing.

Increased Brand Awareness

According to one recent study, 80% of all companies using content marketing reported measuring increased brand awareness metrics in the past year. This is especially important now that other forms of advertising are easily available and used by everyone.

Delivering quality content to people through different platforms such as emails, social media or any others will make sure they remember your name. This will come useful next time they have to make a choice between you and your competitors.

Build Trust

Along the same lines, delivering quality content backed by well-researched data is going to make the audience trust you. That is why you need to choose credible sources for all your content. If visitors recognize your brand as a trusted one, this will help you stand apart from the competition and win new, high-converting leads.

Give Something OF Value

According to Neil Patel, people spend most of their time looking for specific information. Around 70% would rather learn something about a company or an industry in a blog post than see a traditional advertisement. Companies using content marketing to educate their viewers saw a significant increase in leads. Moreover, quality content helped them go viral on social media, as is the case with the article our company has written and promoted, that has been shared over 24.000 times (attached below)!


Increase Brand Loyalty

Traditional companies like Converse or Monster Energy have been using brand loyalty as the primary source of sales for decades. There’s nothing better than investing in a customer that is going to stay with you for life. Not only that, but they will work on actively promoting you. For free!

Content marketing can help increase brand loyalty. You have to pay special attention to your target audience and base your entire content marketing approach on that – from the text, to the images and the way you promote your content online.

Your blog can help entertain people and bring joy to their lives. Associating that with your brand will turn them into frequent customers, as they will identify your products or services to that feeling of joy they experienced while reading your articles.

Increase Leads

All of these are certainly compelling, but ROI is the only measurable metric on the list. And don’t fear – you’ll be seeing plenty of ROI with content marketing. In fact, content marketing generates more leads than other forms of marketing that cost significantly more.

These leads will also come with a higher conversion rate, over 14% to be exact. Compare that to the 1.7% conversion rates of outbound marketing, and you’ll begin to realize how powerful content marketing is.

Getting a return on your investment is a strong enough motive for many to invest in content marketing. If you’re still not convinced, contact our agents so we can talk about how our content writing services can help improve your business based on your needs and resources.

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