Read 5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs An Update In 2019!

With commerce rapidly moving online, there’s no excuse for a serious business not to have a website in 2019. But any old website won’t do much for you anymore. Your website needs to be up to date, both in terms of design and content. But many small business owners are still indecisive when it comes to investing more money into updating their website. After all, it has served them so far, hasn’t it.

According to our studies, 86% of people search for local businesses online first. Therefore, having a website that can represent what your business is and how it works is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you are selling your products or services globally or locally, a modern website is an absolute must.

In this article, we are going to share a few reasons why you need to invest in your website in 2019 and update its features to meet the audience’s demand.

1. It Makes You More Competitive

There’s a huge chance all your competitors have already built a strong online identity. This includes having a modern website and maintaining their social media profiles.

If you are using an old, outdated website your customers might be averted from doing business with you. They might thing that you are out of business, since you haven’t updated your website in a while (this is legitimately possible).

The other conclusion they may jump to is that you don’t care about investing in your brand identity. They might thing you don’t earn enough to invest in a website. These thoughts can turn customers away and drive them straight to your competitor.

Your audience already has enough choice, and if they don’t find what they were looking for on your website they are going to turn to your competitors, taking the revenue away from you.

A website doesn’t have to be a huge investment. At BIP Digital we offer reasonably affordable website design services that any small business can afford.

2. You Will Be More Credible

Every single one of your customers will be expecting a contemporary company to have a website. Over half of them will rely on the Internet to learn more about the company, its products or services they are interested in.

Some customers will even decide whether to visit a traditional store based on the quality of their online reputation and representation. They will most likely use their smartphone to get to the store, meaning you also need to update all the information on your social networks and Google My Business. If your website is outdated, those familiar with modern digital trends will most likely turn to your competition.

A lot of people also look up online reviews to judge whether a company is reliable enough to conduct business with or not. This is why it’s a good idea to add a review section on your updated website.

Make sure to use simple words and lots of images on your website to create a memorable experience for your visitors.

3. Explore A Potent Marketing Channel

Traditional marketing channels such as radio or TV ads, billboards and flyers might still work for big corporations, but when it comes to small businesses Internet has taken the throne as one of the most potent, affordable and effective marketing methods. The cost of traditional ads is enormous compared to an average digital marketing campaign.

On the same note, the results of digital marketing can easily be tracked unlike traditional ads. Online ads tend to have a larger engagement rate and can be created to target your ideal customer.

Digital marketing is the absolute champion in small business advertising. It is highly cost-effective, brings a lot more engagement and offers a higher ROI. This is why any small business should try online advertising.

Of course, the goal of most online ads is to direct the customer to your website where you’ll make the sale. Your website is your digital store where your leads can either become customers or leave. This is why you need to upgrade your website, as it is the only way to truly use the full potential of online advertising.

4. Show Your Products And Services

A lot of shoppers turn to Google or Amazon to find the products they want and never even go out shopping. The money companies in e-commerce is growing annually, and so is the actual revenue.

In the US alone, people spend more than $450 billion on Internet shopping, and the number is growing every year. This makes your website the ideal place where you can advertise your products or services and make a sale.

People are only going to shift to online shopping as time goes by and the technology becomes simple and accessible.

5. Improve Your Search Ranking

Finally, one of the main reasons why you need to update your website is that it will he extremely hard to rank your old website these days. Websites today have to be responsive, fast and well-optimized with meta descriptions in order to rank before your competition. If you still have an old website, chances are your website is neither of those things.

Your search engine rankings will drop lower if you don’t update your website, which will make it very hard for your potential clients to discover you.

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